Gold Lace

Gold Lace 2.2

Displays animated abstract objects on the screen while the PC is in idle mode
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Replaces your regular screensaver with one that displays animate abstract objects such as flowers, jewels, lace, etc. The embedded settings determine the direction of the animation, the color palette or the complexity of the images. The displayed pictures are savable as JPEG or BMP files.

Gold Lace is a screen saver which generates spectacular abstract pictures. The screen displays images which look like exotic flowers, elaborate laces or jewels that continuously replace each other. The pictures never repeat, and each time you can see a completely new show! You can control the image complexity and its motion direction, and adjust the colour palettes. Any image can be stored on the disk in JPEG or BMP formats; you can choose its size over the range of 10*10 - 2000*2000 pixels

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